About Our Products

Since 1988, Happy Link Bee Products have been enjoyed and treasured by many. Many of our loyal customers can attest to its quality & efficacy. Using nature’s gift from the beehive, all our products are manufactured under GMP certified environment and licensed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

All our Royal Jelly are 100% pure & natural.

It is freeze-dried from 100% pure and fresh Royal Jelly, with no starch, gelatine, artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives added. It is as close to the nature as you can get without the hassle of refrigeration. Known for its rejuvenating effect, it is enjoyed by many to gain extra energy, vitality and balance of the body.

Is freeze-dried Royal Jelly as good as fresh Royal Jelly?
An experiment commissioned by us was done and here are the results.

Happy Link Propolis Extract is Alcohol Free and it is made from the finest Propolis from the beehive. Known for its immune building effect, it is a good companion when you need extra protection against common flu, sore throat etc.